Handy Tips for Acing a Job Interview and Staying Ahead of your Peers

A job interview is that all important bridge that stands between you and the job you’ve been dreaming about, a significant promotion ( that is to be accompanied by a hefty pay raise ), or an excellent career. Nonetheless, getting invited to an interview is usually considered the easy part of the hurdle. The real work lies in acing it, especially if it’s a highly competitive spot, and impressing the grilling panel in general. Here are a few handy tips that could see you ace that forthcoming interview in flying colors.

Do your Homework, Well

The biggest mistakes that most interviewees make is not researching sufficiently about what the position that they are to be interviewed entails. These candidates fail to realize that ignorance ( or the perceived notion of it ) is arguably one of the most unattractive traits that an interviewee can demonstrate. So, get ahead of your peers by conducting a thorough, comprehensive and extensive background research on the company/position/contract that you’re to be interviewed for. This will not only make your work easier in front of the panel – if you have to explain something that pertains your prospective employer – but will also boost your confidence to stratospheric proportions. And confidence is what makes the difference between highly successful candidates and the average ones.

Dress the Part

You don’t have to wear an expensive designer suit or over accessorize ( for the ladies ), but one thing remains indisputable: First impressions matter. And there is no better way to make a positive first impression by dressing for success. A well fitting suit is a place to start, your objective should always be to dress for like a professional who has already secured the position that he or she is looking forward to clinching. Having said that, it is better if you err on the consecutive side rather than on the flamboyant as far as your attire go. Keep it simple but professional. The same applies to your grooming etiquette, which should be sharp and clean.

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Prepare for Excellence

Going by recent research, a confident and articulate candidate stands a better chance of securing a position than one whose verbal cues need improvement, regardless of their qualifications. A good way of bolstering your confidence and remaining grounded throughout the interview is by developing and polishing sound bite nuggets that demonstrate your excellence. Also, it pays to know or anticipate what to expect in the interview room. Crown this with an impressive portfolio of your previous work samples, accomplishments, and you’re halfway to success.

If it is going to be your first interview – or the first one in a while – then it is advisable to prepare by organizing a mock interview with a qualified career expert or a close professional friend who knows the inner workings of the target organization or company. This will allow you to perfect, correct, and polish up some of the verbal or non-verbal responses that you will be expected to come up with during the interview. For best results, record this session to improve your chances of shining in front of the panel.